Edgeware Validator

Expected Reward Rate
0% – 20%
Payout Frequency
Every era (~6 hours)
Unbonding Period
28 eras (~7 days)
Display NameIndexValidator Address
Display Name
stakefish 01
Validator Address
Display Name
stakefish 02
Validator Address
Display Name
stakefish 03
Validator Address
Display Name
stakefish 04
Validator Address
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stakefish 05
Validator Address
Display Name
stakefish 06
Validator Address
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stakefish 07
Validator Address
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stakefish 08
Validator Address
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stakefish 09
Validator Address
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stakefish 10
Validator Address

Edgeware is a self-upgrading WASM smart contract platform built on Substrate. It will be the first smart contract chain to go live on Polkadot. We are excited to support projects building on top of Substrate. We will support Edgeware as a solo chain now and when it connects to Polkadot as a parachain.

Staking edgeware Step by Step

You can help secure Edgeware and receive rewards by staking EDG. If you are planning to hold on to EDG for some time, you can use the following instructions to stake EDG.

step 1 image 1

Go to this page https://polkadot.js.org/apps/#/settings

step 1 image 2

Select «Edgeware» on the dropdown menu «remote node/endpoint» to connect to and click «Save & Reload» on the bottom right corner.

step 2 image 1

Navigate to «Accounts» tab. Make sure you are connected to Edgeware on the top left corner.

If you are creating a new account

Click on «Add account».

step 2 image 2

Create a name and password for your account. Please write down the mnemonic seed provided in a secure location. This mnemonic seed can be used to back up your account.

If you are importing an account

Click on «Add account».

step 2 image 3

Replace the mnemonic seed shown with the mnemonic seed of the address you are trying to import.

step 3 image 1

Navigate to «Extrinsics» tab. Make sure you are connected to Edgeware on the top left corner.

step 3 image 2

Select «staking» on the dropdown menu «Submit the following extrinsic». Make sure the next dropdown menu says «bond (controller, value, payee)».

Select your own account as the «Controller». The controller will have authority over nominations.

Input the amount of EDG tokens you wish to stake in the «value» box and keep the «payee» as Staked.

Click on «Submit Transaction» on the bottom right corner.

step 3 image 3

Put in your password and select «Sign and Submit» to proceed.

step 4 image 1

Navigate to «Staking» tab and click on «Account actions» tab on the top. Click on the «Nominate» button.

step 4 image 2

Type in «stakefish» to filter the candidate accounts. Select all 10 stakefish validators. Click on «Nominate».

step 4 image 3

Select «Sign and Submit» to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the questions our community has asked us. Get in touch if there’s more you would like to know.

Edgeware is a self-upgrading WASM smart contract platform. Edgeware launched on September 15, 2019. To learn more, please see their whitepaper.

New blocks on Edgeware are proposed by validators. To enable Edgeware to run seamlessly, validators need the technical capabilities to offer a secure, always on infrastructure.

Not everyone is able to do this. Some token holders participate indirectly by delegating the tokens they have to a validator. Validators are running a service for delegators. They typically charge a fee to cover their operational costs.

By delegating EDG, you help secure the network. You get part of the rewards provided by the protocol for this assistance. If you are planning to hold on to EDG for some time, delegating will help you accumulate more EDG while contributing to the health of the network.

Staking rewards will expire in 21 days on Edgeware. Delegators must claim their staking rewards by submitting a claim transaction within 21 days.

You are not giving away ownership of EDG by delegating. As a validator, stakefish will never have the ability to move your EDG.

The lockdrop is a novel way of distributing tokens. It requires ETH holders to either lock up their ETH for a set period of time or signal their intention to participate in order to receive tokens. The Edgeware (and Straightedge) lockdrop ended on August 31, 2019. To learn more about the lockdrop, please seehere.

We charge 10% from the block rewards received by our delegators. For example, if a delegator receives 100 EDG as a reward, stakefish will receive 10 EDG while the delegator will get 90 EDG.

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If you have any questions about staking or our validator services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to talk with anyone and help navigate community members through this exciting new ecosystem.

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